The Park Bench Talk

•November 6, 2009 • 4 Comments


Just a quick, non image heavy post before I get back to the loads of work I have this weekend.

Recently, I’ve picked up on reading anime blogs (I’ve been reading those two a lot, lately) and have consistently noticed the desire to have, what I will call, ‘the park bench talk’. Basically, the idea is to have a deep discussion involving themes, characters and plot for anime, with someone on a so-called ‘park bench’. As I sat in In-n-Out (California residents will know what I mean), eating a tasty burger and discussing with my friend, James, why I felt that a good plot and characterization was far more important than ‘deep’ meanings and that Higurashi is good because it sticks the landing with the basics of such things, I suddenly felt very conscious of the gift I was enjoying.

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My Haremu

•October 26, 2009 • 10 Comments

I know I said I’d be taking a break but my OCD is killing me after having missed two post dates, so here is a post I wrote a few weeks ago for just such an occasion.

A few other anime bloggers have been talking about their anime harems. Hell, the whole /a/ trend of claiming your waifu (wife) is growing out of control. Not content to settle with just one waifu, I have written down who would be in my haremu. This is a working list, subject to grow and gives an approximation for my tastes in men (and sometimes women).



C’mon, look at him! Look at how manly he is! Kurogane is a ninja from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle who was punished by his queen for being a ninja and doing his job. I don’t get it either. Apparently you’re supposed to let the attacking enemy go because we all follow Naruto ninja standards. He was cursed and sent away to learn respect for human life.

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No new updates for a bit…

•October 25, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Here’s my to do list before I get back to things.

– Finish commissions

– Finish Halloween stuff

– Figure this coding stuff out

After that, posting will be on it’s regular schedule.  I’ve got two things written to be posted once I get it all squared away.  Basically, short hiatus.

Let’s watch and laugh at Code Geass (episode #1)

•October 20, 2009 • 4 Comments

Given that I am of the opinion that one should not criticize until one actually experiences what they are criticizing, I decided to actually finish Code Geass.  I got…I think ten episodes in before giving up the last time.  It was just so badly animated, the characters were so annoying and the premise was so full of itself it was as though it got high off the smell of its own gas.  I can dig a deep story with compelling narrative about racism, but not when that story is straddling me and punching me in the face.  Code Geass did just that.  I could hardly stand it as it was and then the plot kept going snooker-loopy and giving me the finger.

Well, no longer.   I will finish this god damned beast if it’s the last thing I do.

I am going to blog (and laugh) at Code Geass.  The way this will work is:

–          each episode will = one blog post

–          I will begin with a summary of the episode

–          I will discuss the highlights

–          I will summarize my current thoughts at the bottom

I am watching the English dub because the download was faster and smaller.  I honestly don’t care to see CG’s slipshod animation in HD.

In case you’re a fan and wondering why I’m wasting my time…I’m not.  I actually don’t hate Code Geass.  It’s stupid, but it makes me laugh.  Honestly, I’m having a lot of fun watching the show.  For the wrong reasons, yes, but still having fun, none the less.  Also, I have this weird reverse-schadenfreude where I derive enjoyment by experiencing pain.  I should probably seek medical attention…

Anyway!  Let’s begin

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I Would Appreciate Fornicating with your Skull

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“Babble, babble. Bitch, bitch. Rebel, rebel. Party, party. Sex, sex, sex and don’t forget the violence.”
-Marilyn Manson (The New Shit)

WARNING: This article contains images that might not be suitable for minors or those who are easily disturbed. I’m not kidding. There’s blood, here. Granted, it’s all stuff you would see if you cut yourself, but still, people find natural things offensive. It’s just a good thing I’m not posting any nudity or that would be really offensive. Violence is much more wholesome that natural God-given flesh! Joking aside, you’ve been warned.

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Really, CLAMP? Really?

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What happened to you CLAMP? You used to be cool. Oh sure, everything you touched seemed to turn into the gay and your anatomy was and is atrocious, but that wasn’t and isn’t the point. You were known for your stories, CLAMP. You always balanced straight, lesbian and gay couples and presented them in a surprising (if only for the time) light compared to others. Your gay characters acted like people, not like being gay was their one and only defining characteristic.

You produced some classic manga that was usually a redefining of the genre it was presented in. CCS was a light parody of sorts of the magical girl genre where a character actually had to use her brain to save the day. Magic Knight Reyearth was an entry into the fantasy magic genre where that focused much more on relationships, making the action that much more intense when it came up. Tsubasa was (I really want to stress the ‘was’) a true Shonen series that played to the formula better than just about all of its contemporaries.

What happened? Where did you go wrong?

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It Knows My Name (short story – first draft)

•October 7, 2009 • Leave a Comment

First, a few announcements. I will be posting at least twice a week on average and am going for a Thursday/Sunday schedule. Posts may be short or long but come Hell or high water I WILL be posting twice a week.

Also, this is old CSS and I refuse to change it because the black with gray lettering is much better for the eyes than a stark contrast of black and white. Considering my habits, I know what eye strain feels like :). As for why I’m bringing that up, this old CSS won’t let my blogroll work properly so, if at anytime you want to know what blogs to read, or want to suggest one to me, look to the left of my page and there will be a few pages like ‘about me’ and ‘current list’. The one titled ‘bloglist’ is where I link all of the blogs I read.

One more thing before I begin with the story. Feel free to critique, mock, destroy and otherwise spit on it. I need to have it made better. I just warn you. Any comments directed at me will not hurt my feelings. I’ve spent years hangin’ wit da trolls 😉

This story was a prompt in our creative writing group with my friends.  This particular prompt was: write in first person, a characters observations while on a controlled substance and keep it between 3 – 5 pages.

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