I Would Appreciate Fornicating with your Skull

“Babble, babble. Bitch, bitch. Rebel, rebel. Party, party. Sex, sex, sex and don’t forget the violence.”
-Marilyn Manson (The New Shit)

WARNING: This article contains images that might not be suitable for minors or those who are easily disturbed. I’m not kidding. There’s blood, here. Granted, it’s all stuff you would see if you cut yourself, but still, people find natural things offensive. It’s just a good thing I’m not posting any nudity or that would be really offensive. Violence is much more wholesome that natural God-given flesh! Joking aside, you’ve been warned.

Before I begin, I would like to define a few terms for those unfamiliar with the concepts we are about to discuss. I would also like to ask that you, the reader, stick with me as I guide you through a, most likely, scary and alien world that most would like to leave buried in the closet. First, let us begin with those terms.

Guro – A corruption of the English word “gore”. To take it a bit deeper, essentially, it is artwork that dwells on a type of gory subject. This can involve anything from nosebleeds to dismemberment and disembowelment. It is generally not sexual in nature, but more of an artistic representation of a violent moment.

Eroguro – Essentially meaning “erotic gore”. This is guro, but seen through a sexual lens.

bleeding on the couch

I would like to use this opportunity to start with a lead in to violent fetishes that perhaps give birth to the fetish of guro, using my own life as a guinea pig. I grew up in a staunch conservative home. My grandparents are homophobic and racist and my mother is biased to the point of being completely unable to see it. I was homeschooled through middle school where I was exposed only to Christian philosophy as the utmost, unquestioning truth. When I went to high school, I had an experience that changed me forever. A friend, jokingly started choking me, not enough to hurt or worry, but enough to make it difficult to breath, and whispered strong, suggestive words in my ear. She was only kidding around and laughed it off later, but it made me feel strange. For the first time in my life I had felt sexual desire.


Why did I end up gravitating to the bondage community? Why did I develop an intrinsic need to dominate or be dominated in a relationship? Was I born with it? Was it because of my environment growing up? Did I develop an odd sexual habit because I was told my whole life that women were to be and act a certain way or that I was expected to find a husband and fornicate in the normal way?

Before I segue back on topic I’d like to bring up another common fetish that may quintessentially explain, or at least help, to explain how this might get started in the human mind.


Why are people attracted to uniforms? Is it the idea of power or dominance that they exude? The idea of power play? I suppose it depends of the uniform. A school uniform denotes submission to an authority, while a military uniform gives an aura of power. A business suit tells us that the wearer is successful and perhaps a bit of a playboy and a nurse’s uniform has an interesting balance of power and submission, depending on the roll of the patient. One could expound upon this idea suggesting that the mothering aspect of the nurse taking care of the patient elicits a sexual response because of its closeness to the most basic of human desires.

Told you we’d get back on topic.

bathed in blood

That’s really what guro appeals to. It’s about the most basic of human emotion. Love and hate; fear and joy. These are our most rudimentary of thoughts and human emotions. Going off of this, one could argue that because of that, we associate the two of them more closely than we do any other emotion. The raw humanity and opposition of sex and violence make for an odd combination that seems to elicit the most basic and primal of human responses. Perhaps that is why people are attracted to it. Perhaps it is the idea of acting out the ultimate domination fantasy with no consequences. Usagi Waita addresses this issue in his eroguro manga Mai Chan’s Daily Life. The idea of a maid that will come back to life and heal no matter what damage is done to her. Is this the appeal of guro?

the hall of bodies

It’s hard to say, as eroguro encompasses so much. Some people want to see the victim enjoy it, some want to see only blood, others only intestines, amputation, and most interestingly, post session drawings of the victim after the act. As with any fetish, the reasons for its attraction cannot be pinpointed or written down. We’d be here a while if we tried and would still only scratch the surface. I can only offer up my personal experience.

I like guro when it is raw and aesthetically pleasing. I like beautiful artwork with the disgusting twist of death, amputation or disembowelment because it is a sharp contrast, like blood soaking a beautiful bed of tulips. It’s not so much a desire to corrupt or destroy the beauty in the world as much as it is the interest in watching as the greatest human emotions war with each other.



P.S. I’ll be in Texas for a wedding so if there’s no post on Sunday, you’ll know why.

~ by sniffits on October 16, 2009.

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