Really, CLAMP? Really?

What happened to you CLAMP? You used to be cool. Oh sure, everything you touched seemed to turn into the gay and your anatomy was and is atrocious, but that wasn’t and isn’t the point. You were known for your stories, CLAMP. You always balanced straight, lesbian and gay couples and presented them in a surprising (if only for the time) light compared to others. Your gay characters acted like people, not like being gay was their one and only defining characteristic.

You produced some classic manga that was usually a redefining of the genre it was presented in. CCS was a light parody of sorts of the magical girl genre where a character actually had to use her brain to save the day. Magic Knight Reyearth was an entry into the fantasy magic genre where that focused much more on relationships, making the action that much more intense when it came up. Tsubasa was (I really want to stress the ‘was’) a true Shonen series that played to the formula better than just about all of its contemporaries.

What happened? Where did you go wrong?

There’s no way to pinpoint it, really, but ever since I finished Chobits I noticed something; a disturbing trend that became reflected in the community. You see, like it or not, you influence most of the trends of shojou. Even people who hate you are affected by your ways. You began (much to my annoyance) the popularity of bishies no longer being just hot guys and now being exclusively known as (IMHO) flat-chested dick-girls. You did throw in some manly men every so often, but they always ended up with the flat-chested dick-girls.

Fai D. Flowrite.  Everything you either hate or love about CLAMP.

Fai D. Flowrite. Everything you either hate or love about CLAMP.

You see, by influencing shoujo in this direction, you unknowingly created an epic firestorm in the Y-Community. But, enough of that…

I dealt with your diehard fans who loved your bishies (without truly understanding what a ‘bishie’ is supposed to be) and dealt with the constant fanfictions, art, worship and otherwise outright devotion for characters that were nothing more that pretty boys that would make even the biggest lisping gay boy say “what a faggot”. It wasn’t until two simultaneous things happened that made me realize CLAMP was dead and would only live on fondly in my memories and in older works.

It all started with the ending of Tsubasa. I will write another article explaining my rage with this series at a later date. Just let it be known, the ending SUCKED. In fact, the whole final 3rd of the manga SUCKED. Did you guys just pick up a bad case of the ‘fuck its’ and throw all subtlety, writing, characterization and entertainment out the window? Did you honestly think that forgetting the whole point of your story would go unnoticed?

After the ending of this manga, I decided I would only take CLAMP works in stride. They were on my last nerve. Then I found out something else.

CLAMP and their fangirls want you to think these are both men.  If you think that's stupid, your still sane.

CLAMP and their fangirls want you to think these are both 'straight' 'men'. If you think that's stupid, you're still sane.

See those guys up there? See how awful their character design is? See how badly drawn they are, how they are almost so bad that you’d think it’s more a spoof of the recent bout of craptastic, girlymation that’s leaked from shojou and into the mainstream? Yea, CLAMP designed those characters.

What the flying fuck, CLAMP? Did you really think you could get away with copy-pasting Syaoran and Kamui and making them (somehow) gayer? I spent months mocking Code Gayass, it’s awful plot and, of course, terrible animation and designs, but to know that a group of women I once respected made those shitty things? I ached deep in my heart of hearts. CLAMP, you are a blight on the community and have certainly helped yaoi gain a notoriety as stupid, pointless shit that immature little girls read. I want to thank you for personally giving me reag face more than a few times this last year.

Congrats, CLAMP.  You are now the official "Nomua-san's" of the anime/manga world.

Congrats, CLAMP. You are now the official "Nomura-san's" of the anime/manga world.

I’m still hellbent on collecting your older works. Clover was finally translated and compiled and will soon be joining my collection. Other than that, enjoy your legions of fans. One less won’t make a difference, I’m sure.

A former fan,



~ by sniffits on October 12, 2009.

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