The Doctor is in #1

Are you tired of reading bad vampire fiction? Did Twilight leave a bad taste in your mouth? Do you love vampires but don’t want to see them raped again by some undersexed Mormon? Well, you’re in luck, because the doctor is in.

For comedy fans the doctor recommends Blood Sucking Fiends

Stoner vampire hunters, turkey bowling (with an actual turkey) and a murder mystery all wrapped into one. Actually, just read anything by Christopher Moore. The man is a genius.

For drama fans the doctor recommends Let The Right One In

Everything that Twilight wasn’t, this book has real bullying, incredibly developed characters, a story that disgusts you and makes you cheer all at the same time, pedophiles, killing by real vampires and a disturbing romance that’s hard to hate and love all at the same time.

For romance fans the doctor recommends

…Nothing. Stop reading about vampires having sex. It’s weird and most books that do it make the vampires gay anyway. If you must have vamp romance in your life then both books I just recommended are fine as they both feature themes of love. Now, go read some books about real vampires for a change.

The doctor is out.

Dr. Sniffits is a licensed professional who writes prescriptions for the bored in several entertainment categories including: anime, books, comics, manga, movies and television shows. Whatever your ailment, the doctor will find a cure.

~ by sniffits on August 2, 2009.

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